What on Earth is a Cat Café?

Do you love cats, but have a pesky roommate/landlord/dog that just won't let you have one?  Perhaps you're ready to have a furry friend in your life, but are looking for just the right fit.  Well you can now release your inner 'crazy cat lady' right here in Calgary at the Regal Cat Café in the heart of Kensington.

Visit us to enjoy this cute, unique and special experience. Our cafe is one of the best places to meet your friends and families, spend the afternoon, or a casual date! If you are simply looking for a coffee break, try our hand-made coffee, tea and dessert treats!

We have partnered with MEOW Foundation to house up to twelve cats in our Kitty Kingdom, a separate room from our cafe for you to relax, cuddle, and play with our resident kitties. These adoptable cats live here at the Regal Cat Café, and are ready to delight while you enjoy a tasty coffee or treat.  Make your reservation today to ensure your spot!

Upcoming Events

Visit our Events Page to learn more & book your spot.


Visit our Events Page to learn more & book your spot.

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